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I have created one-sheets for Keynote Speakers, Breakout Speakers, Coaches and Authors, ranging from NSA presidents, CSPA's, CSP's, Numerous NSA members, and those just starting out on their speaking career. Each client receives the same top notch service and specialized treatment.

You may be a motivational, inspirational speaker, or specialize in leadership skills, social media skills or people skills. Your target market may be industry leaders, organizations, youth groups, holistic and new age development or small business expertise. Regardless of what your market is, they will want to see a crisp and clear visual branding of who you are and what you have to offer.

Press play to view just a few of the one sheets I have created.

Don't leave your speaker one-sheet design to chance, this is your calling card, your sales sheet, the one or two pages of creative design that can land you the speaking gigs you are looking for.

All of my graphic design services are unique custom pieces of work. None of my one-sheet designs come from templates, they come from my intuition and my love for art. You can be rest assured that your one-sheet design will reflect you, capture you, and make you shine in the spotlight.


My main website KimbMansonGraphicDesign.com features a variety of one sheet samples as well as multitudes of marketing collateral such as:

  • Speaker One-sheet designs
  • Professional Speaker Book cover designs
  • Logo designs
  • Social media graphics such as custom Facebook timeline covers and Twitter backgrounds
  • Post card designs
  • Speaker brochures and magalogs
  • Business cards
  • Web and blog banners
  • and much much more

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    Kimb Manson

Want to hear first had from professional speakers on our working relationship? You can by checking out my YouTube channel. Which features video testimonials on my graphic design services.


Want to know more about the cost and process of creating your speakers one-sheet? I have a web page which explains it all.


Send me an email with the subject line "Deal me a one-sheet" and I will discount your one sheet from $600 down to $ 475. Remember the subject line :)